I’m a big fan of the Dog Whisperer TV show, even though I do not own a dog at the moment. What attracts me is the surprisingly high relevancy to human behavior. Don’t get insulted . . . give me a little slack here to explain. Cesar Millan points out that the dog’s temperament is directly related to that of the dog owner. Dogs pick up our energy – whether it’s excited, nervous, frightened, aggressive, passive or confident – and instantly respond with a corresponding energy.

It is the same in an office. We humans pick up on the energy people bring into the room. Sometimes, we may only register this energy in our unconscious, but it has a powerful impact on what happens in our business outcomes. Think about how it sucks the air out of the room when a meeting participant enters with negative energy or sits silently through a meeting without responding or participating. In contrast, remember a time when you were brainstorming with a group where everyone was actively engaged with a very high positive energy. Dramatically different results come out of those situations.

In the last week of her TV show, Oprah Winfrey talked about how focused she was on the energy she and her staff members brought into the room. She had a rule at Harpo Productions that before you enter a meeting, every person had to check their energy level. If it wasn’t positive, then change it OR don’t come to the meeting. What energy are you bringing into the room? Something to think about before we enter our next meeting.