Why Meeting Planners Love Working With Us


With all the details you need to handle, wrangling information from the keynote speaker shouldn’t be one of them. Melinda and her staff anticipate what you need and get it all to you with no reminders, no hassles, no drama! Think of us as an extension of your team… We understand that you have a lot on the line when you’re planning a big event. Talk to us about options to build excitement with your leadership: Melinda can wrap in a dinner discussion with your leaders the evening before or add in a smaller session with leaders after her presentation. We’re open to your ideas on what will create the biggest value, so you AND your event rate “Exceeds Expectations!”


Look what professionals like you have to say:


“You sure make my job easy!”


Rebekah Steely Brooker, Partner/Event Organizer


“We’ve never had a speaker so highly rated in our surveys!”


Alexa Spears, Senior Event Coordinator


“Melinda uncovered the hot issues for our YPO members in advance, so her presentation was spot on!”


Mike Sullivan, Program Director


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