The truth is that decisions are not based on logic. In their research, neuroscientists can actually see what areas of the brain light up first when people are asked to make decisions. While most of us want to believe we are using logical thinking – especially for important decisions – scientific studies show we make an unconscious decision first, then consciously rationalize that decision later.

How does this impact you in business? Think about a bad hiring decision your company has made, OR a contract your firm should have won, but the client awarded it to a competitor. Big decisions are being made on very subtle factors, and often, those factors aren’t based on facts, but on feelings. That’s why your nonverbal communications are so important. The impression you make starts way before you start your presentation.

If you’d like a quick overview of the science behind decisions, check out my recent interview in one of Dallas’ leading business magazines: http://bit.ly/2A3VxDb