Melinda shows your audience members how to influence decisions before they lose big opportunities.

Discover science-based strategies that improve business outcomes… and incomes.

  • Immediately actionable strategies to influence decisions
  • Customized content that is relevant to the specific needs of your team
  • Programs that deliver a return on investment
  • Highly interactive programs that engage and excite audiences


“Unlike any presentation you will see! Powerful concepts with visual impact.” Lee Guitar, Former President, USA Today

Melinda’s programs reveal research-based strategies in Persuasive Psychology, Body Language and Strategic Messaging. There are no canned presentations because your team deserves a presentation that speaks to their exact needs. Melinda incorporates the latest scientific research to give your team members an advantage over the competition. These include insights she has gained from working directly with influence experts ranging from former FBI agents to researchers to tiger tamers!

Strategic thinkers are energized, entertained and fully engaged with the Science of Influence.

National Speakers Association honored Melinda as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation earned by only 12% of professional speakers globally. She is recognized by both clients and peers for consistently delivering outstanding programs. What sets Melinda apart is her creativity in presenting relevant and thought-provoking information with audience interaction, humor, and surprises. Because her content is memorable and actionable, it provides value to audience members long after your event.

Top Seven Requested Keynotes
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Insights from The Science of Influence

How Decision Makers Think And How You Can Win Them Over: Research shows that some of the most common business approaches often sabotage your own success. Discover how to positively influence the way people respond to you and your ideas. Audience Take-Aways:

  1. Understand the most influential factors for decision makers (it’s not what you think)
  2. Discover 3 factors that influence people to like you
  3. Uncover at what point you have the most power to influence
How To Open Doors And Close Multi-Million Dollar Deals
Discover What Has Been Tested and Proven to Influence Business Decisions: Psychology researchers have shown that changing the way you present an offer can dramatically increase your win rate by as much as six times. Melinda gives you easy-to-remember and immediately actionable processes to help you win decisions. Her program reveals the Top Ten Persuasive Principles that you can leverage to influence decisions in business. Some of these are counter-intuitive, so even seasoned executives will walk away with new tools. Audience Take-aways:


  1. How to identify and leverage the hidden influencers for your prospect
  2. Simple edits in your proposal that can swing the decision in your favor
  3. Proven factors that generate the desire to buy.
How To Influence Top Leadership In Business
Leverage “Top Dog” Tactics To Fit Each Leadership Style Based on scientific research with hundreds of business leaders, this program reveals how to customize your communications to the person you want to influence. The system Melinda developed is both entertaining and memorable because it is based on dog personalities. Executives who previously trained on other methods report this “Top Dog” approach is the easiest to use in real business situations. Audience Take-Aways:


  1. Increase your success rate with individual decision makers by knowing exactly which words resonate with them most
  2. Make quick adjustments “on the fly” by reading clues in their emails, voice mails, office decor and body language
  3. Learn how to prep to give yourself the best opportunity to influence
What Makes or Breaks Your First Impression?
How People Form Judgements About You in Less Than a Second: Research shows that major decisions are actually made in the unconscious much faster than we ever imagined. Once decision makers have made a judgement about you, they rarely change their minds, no matter how long you meet with them. Discover what influences decisions and how you can prepare to make a positive first impression. Audience Take-Aways:

  1. How to avoid hidden “deal-killers”
  2. Step by step guide to making a great first impression
  3. How to follow up to build a great lasting impression
The Hidden Agenda: What Clients Are Thinking, But Won’t Tell You
Gorilla Tactics to Win the Battle for New Business: If you’ve ever lost out on a new business proposal that you expected to win, this program will be an eye-opener. You’ll gain insights into what went wrong and what you can do next time to win. Using Melinda’s approach, clients have grown revenues by more than $250 million. This is a strategic new business development program, unlike traditional sales training. Audience Take-Aways:

  1. How to engage the prospect in conversations that make your proposal irresistible
  2. What influences clients most isn’t written in your presentation
  3. How to read what the prospect isn’t saying – but showing – in their body language
Sweat the Small Stuff or Throw in the Towel
How Small Factors Have a Huge Influence Over Whether You Win or Lose in Business: Scientific research and real business cases reveal how “small stuff” you rarely think about can help you or hurt you in hitting your goals. Audience take-aways:

  1. Learn how to read body language to uncover stress points that may not be voiced, so you can address them, AND to recognize when you have “buy-in” so you know when to ask for the commitment
  2. Discover how to communicate your ideas in a way that gains the most consideration
  3. Avoid unintentionally “shooting yourself in the foot” in meetings.
Women, Business and Influence: How to Lean In Without Falling Down
How Subtle Childhood Lessons Can Punish Your Career: This program is geared to women executives who want to fast-track their career paths. It is based on both psychology and linguistics research as well as actual business cases on how gender influences the way you are perceived in business. Audience Take-Aways:

  1. Change communications patterns that sabotage your success
  2. Understand why women are often undervalued in corporations and how you can turn it around
  3. Learn what approaches have proven successful for women leaders