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Influence Training for Sales Teams – image?

Are you looking to close a big contract? Gone are the days of the canned sales presentations. Give your team a leg up on the competition and increase your win rate dramatically with Melinda’s influence-based training sessions. Your sales team will learn how to “read” prospects and to adjust their sales presentations for maximum impact. Send your sales team into the field with specific strategies to beat the odds and the competition.

New Employees – photo?

One of the biggest challenges for any organization is onboarding new employees and fast-tracking their productivity. Even if they are very competent and bright, they may not “get” your work ethic or culture. If they are unclear, it not only detracts from their productivity, but also hurts the productivity of fellow staff members who work with them.

Left unchecked, this leads to bad morale and a ton of frustration for everyone involved. It could all be avoided with a program for new employees that specifically addresses:

  • Your corporate culture
  • Work ethic
  • Expectations
  • Communications
  • Problem-solving
  • Team dynamics

Young Employees – (Photo of Millennial ?)

Everyone in business is talking about the challenges of tapping into the smart, energetic, but perplexing millennials. Understanding how to manage them – without changing everything else – has eluded many companies.

Unlike some “Generation” experts, Melinda’s professional experience with millennials shows they can and will change to fit with your culture. In fact, to ask management to adjust to the millennials is to adopt a “tail wagging the dog” strategy. It simply doesn’t work for you . . . or for them.

The issue is giving millennials the training to “get” the culture, the work ethic and the expectations, such as:

  • Appropriate dress
  • Effective written communications
  • Expected work hours and productivity
  • Separation of personal and professional communications
  • How to take criticism
  • Enhanced presentation skills
  • How to build rapport with teammates and clients
  • How and when to follow up
  • Positive attitude

Evolving Healthcare: Patients are Customers, Too – Photos of dr Whitman& case western

In a changing healthcare environment, it has never been more important for doctors, staff and administrators to delivery not only outstanding healthcare, but outstanding communication and patient engagement as well. Melinda has consulted with major university hospitals and surgical centers to help with everything from selecting the right residents, to doctor-patient interaction and media training. .

Customized Programs

Each series of training for your employees is based on what has been tested and proven to influence decisions. Before we deliver our programming, we work with your management team to ensure the workshops are customized to the special character that defines your corporate culture.

Want to explore how Influence Advisors on-boarding program could fast-track your team’s productivity? Let’s talk.