In working with both employers and employees, I’ve consulted on the pitfalls of unconscious biases. Recently, I came across one that may be impacting your career path because it involves Flextime programs. On the positive side, research shows Flextime leads to higher productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention… but did you know it may change the way your boss evaluates your performance? Researchers have found there is an “Early Bird” bias. That’s great if you happen to be an early riser, but what about us night owls?

Studies show managers attribute more positive traits, such as being more conscientious, to early birds. That bias shows up in higher review ratings than those for “night owls,” even when the researchers corrected for actual work performance and the same hours of work.

It’s important that both employers and employees understand how unconscious biases can inadvertently sabotage the success of people in their organizations. Once these biases are recognized, they can be addressed. Check out the Harvard Business Review article: http://bit.ly/2kkwg00