Many people do not realize that nonverbal communications encompass far more than just body language… and apply to more than human beings. Places – including your office ­– send their own nonverbal messages. Even though you may not be conscious of it, your brain is interpreting those nonverbal messages from your surroundings, and no one has mastered the power of those nonverbal messages better than Disney.

I recently read a fascinating article about the many ways Disney harnesses all the powers of our senses to create a “magical” and thoroughly branded experience. For example, they use machines located in tunnels throughout the park to emit specific scents at specific locations. While you’re strolling down Main Street, you’ll smell fresh-baked cookies and vanilla. Anyone in the residential real estate business will tell you the same aroma is often used to influence prospective buyers at open houses. Studies show that the smell of fresh-baked cookies triggers a spike in dopamine in the brain. This natural chemical is linked to feelings of reward and motivation… good feelings for your prospects to have when considering a buying decision.

Disney also leverages your sense of hearing. When you’re approaching a scary ride, you’ll hear the screams of people enjoying the thrill of the ride… but some of those screams are recorded and being played on speakers. Why? To create a sense of excitement about the ride and attract thrill-seekers, who will be willing to wait in long lines just to experience the scary ride!

There are even nonverbals at Disney parks geared to influencing people to share more photos on social media. To create better photo ops, Disney teamed up with Kodak. In their research, they discovered when the ground colors match the ride colors, it makes more vivid photos… and that leads to more sharing of photos on social media. They also intentionally color the walkways to influence the flow of pedestrian traffic. Certain colors will unconsciously guide people to move in particular directions through the park.

Savvy retailers have been influencing customer behavior through nonverbals in their environments for many years, and now are looking at how to better read the nonverbals of their customers. In fact, a national retail conference has engaged me to speak on that topic Q1 of 2018 because they appreciate the power of nonverbal communications.

How much time have you given to the nonverbals of your business environment? It could make a significant difference in how your prospects and clients feel when they visit your office AND how receptive they are to your proposals.

For more on how Disney uses environmental nonverbals : http://bit.ly/2guEdD6