The more hiring experience you’ve had, the more likely the answer is, “Yes.” You remember how impressed you were at the interview… then when the new hire gets on board, they under perform – or worse – they disrupt your workplace with bad behavior. What influenced you? Is there any way you could have seen the signs before you gave the offer?

Actually, the Science of Influence offers some key insights that can minimize your risk of making bad hiring decisions. This week, I gave a program on this topic for a national firm. I’ve worked with other companies and hospitals on similar issues. In my consulting experience, I’ve identified 3 drivers of bad hiring decisions:

3 Most Common Drivers of Bad Hiring Decisions:

  1. Unconscious triggers and biases (including the “Beauty Bonus” – see previous blog)
  2. Expected interview questions that don’t deliver insights into true attitude
  3. Inability to read nonverbal cues to uncover potential issues

What are the costs incurred from a bad hire? Every company should take a look at both the financial costs as well the damage to client relationships, employee morale, productivity and engagement to determine that. To give you a hint at what those costs might be, take a look at this Infographic: http://bit.ly/2lwlpAz