I was recently visiting the Chihuly Glass and Gardens in Seattle, and was surprised to learn that my favorite glass artist “lives the message” in my TED Talk. If you’ve ever seen his beautiful boats filled with glass floating on water, you may have wondered how Dale Chihuly came up with the concept.

Years ago, when he was in Finland, he decided to toss many of his colorful glass creations into a river just to see how they would interact with water and light. He never expected what happened next…

…local teenagers who were rowing in the river, picked up the beautiful glass balls and put them in their simple rowboats. The image of those wooden boats filled with his colorful glass art inspired him to showcase his works in floating boats, now known as his signature Float Boat series.

Chihuly’s Float Boat is literally a beautiful example of my TED message, “If you put something good out there, something great can happen!” In many cases, as with Chihuly, the great things that happen are a result of what other people bring to your ideas. If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope this inspires you to take a look at my TED Talk on The “Perfect” Excuse:  http://bit.ly/1VpR99R