Influence Consulting

Influence decisions on a deeper level.

Are you looking to close a big contract? Have you been disappointed with new-hires who turned out to be far less than you had imagined? Would you like to build greater awareness of your organization through media interviews? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then gaining insights into what people are not saying, but showing through their nonverbal signals, can make a big difference for you. What’s more, learning how to show positive body language can enhance your ability to build trust and rapport both on camera and in person.

“When you’re sitting across the table, will you understand what they’re saying? And, will you understand what they’re not saying?” Mort Meyerson, Chairman, 2M Companies, Inc.

Melinda shows clients, like you, how to understand what people are thinking, feeling or intending to do, even when they don’t say it out loud at meetings. You will learn how to read nonverbal signals – body language and vocal patterns – to influence decisions before you lose big opportunities. She will share with you tips on how to leverage both nonverbal and verbal communications to make a great first impression and fast-track your new business relationships. You will also gain expert advice based on Melinda’s more than 20 years of consulting experience in almost every industry sector.

Want to see how Melinda’s Influence consulting and coaching has helped to grow a $40 million surgical practice?

Influence consulting is science-based and business-tested.

Influence strategies provide a clear advantage to teams that want to increase their “win rate” and jump to the next level of performance. That’s why clients from healthcare organizations to the financial industry to high-tech companies have engaged Melinda as a consultant and program leader on how to influence big decisions both inside and outside of their firms.

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