Consultative Coaching

We all have blind spots. It’s critical to know where they are and how to correct for them.

Ever wonder why a promising interview didn’t turn into an offer? Frustrated by meetings where you can’t seem to get the decisions you need? Or ever wish you knew what kind of first impression you really made on someone important?

If you are relying solely on intuition in business, you may unknowingly be sabotaging your own success. Scientific research on persuasive psychology strategies indicates that some of the most common approaches used by executives are actually counterproductive in building business relationships. This can hurt your chances to win great career offers or new business contracts. If you’re tired of being the “runner-up” in competitive reviews, ask about Melinda’s 50-point Influence Assessment. This comprehensive assessment of your “first impression” will identify what’s working well for you, and exactly what you need to work on to influence the big decisions for your success.

It’s not about you… it’s about how you fit with them. Melinda Marcus, Influence Expert

Melinda takes a consultative one-on-one coaching approach to help you fast-track hitting your goals. Through her 50-point Influence Assessment, she identifies specific ways you can refine the way you present yourself and your ideas to achieve better results. The program is based on tested and proven principles in the fields of persuasive psychology, body language and strategic messaging. Learn how you can leverage proven Influence strategies to:

  • Build trust with prospects more quickly
  • Avoid “shooting yourself in the foot” at interviews and presentations
  • Predispose business contacts to want to help you
  • Improve your chances of winning career offers and new business
  • Enhance your ability to make a great first impression

Warren Buffett says you can raise your value by 50% by sharpening your public speaking skills.

If you want to have more influence as a presenter, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve by working with Melinda. She has helped business people at every level dramatically improve their presentation skills. Melinda’s speech writing and presentation training have moved clients from dreading public speaking to actually looking forward to it. Whether you are preparing for an important meeting or a business speech, your investment in presentation skills will deliver an impressive ROI. Just ask billionaire Warren Buffett.

In a similar way, Melinda’s media training shows you how to leverage the Science of Influence to get your message across well in interviews with reporters. She shows you how to recognize the trick questions and turn them to your advantage. That’s why executives and physicians have engaged her to prepare them for interviews in every media as well as for commercials and youtube videos.

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