We show you how to influence decisions before you lose a big opportunity.

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We show you how to influence decisions before you lose a big opportunity.

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How will you influence them to say “yes”?

If you’re like many executives, you may unknowingly be sabotaging your success. Melinda shows you exactly what influences decision makers to choose you or lose you. Stack the odds in your favor with psychology strategies, body language and persuasive messaging.

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Tips you won’t hear from headhunters

Frustrated in your career? Trying for a top-tier graduate school or scholarship program? Most people never find out the real reasons they lost big opportunities. If what’s worked for you in the past, is not working now, it’s time to seek a new approach proven to get results.

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How to Thrive in a “Sink or Swim” Economy

Remember the expression, “Big fish eat little fish”? Not only is that true in the wild, but also in controlled environments, like our aquarium. In business, that can be seen in mergers and acquisitions or when megastores move into a small towns and then small independents disappear. Read more…

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$168 Million in Major Contracts Closed


First Career Choice Offers

$279 Million in Revenue Added


Top Tier Grad School Acceptances

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Melinda totally knocked it out of the ball park at your YPO event at the Perot Museum! By incorporating specific business cases from our members, she made her program highly relevant and engaging to all members. Mike Sullivan

Chapter President, YPO, Young Presidents Organization

What you gain from Melinda today, you can put directly into action tomorrow. Michael Collins

Board Member, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

I applied Melinda’s strategies that helped our team reach a breakthrough on a major contract. I highly recommend Melinda to enhance the way you present yourself and to better understand how to influence others. Jamee Lafaye

Global Product Manager, Hewlett Packard

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